Hello, crafters, Amber here sharing 3 simple ways to make your florals pop off your cards. Use these tips with any coloring medium and any card elements, not just florals!

3 easy ways to get your florals to pop are in this short cardmaking video tutorial. Watch here or in HD on YouTube. While you’re there I’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share it with your crafty friends!

Make Your Florals Pop Tip #1

Use Complimentary Colors

One tried and true way to make your florals explode off your cards is to use complementary colors. These are colors opposite of each other on the color wheel.

Here I used orange and blue, but red and green, and yellow and purple are fabulous choices too! There are so many options. Of course, bright vibrant colors are most eye-catching, but experiment with all shades and see what you like best.

As you can see in the color charts above Dual Complementary colors and Triadic colors can be equally as striking.

Make Your Florals Pop Tip #2

Design With Black

Designing with black is one of my favorite ways to add high contrast to a card. High contrast is an immediate attention grabber. Whenever I design with black, I prefer to use it in at least three places.

As you can see, I used black for the off-set mat, the fine-liner stamen details, and sentiment. Using black in only one place can be less effective and sometimes it looks out of place.

For more tips on designing with black, head over to my blog.

Make Your Florals Pop Tip #3

Use Lots Of White Space

Just like designing with black, leaving a lot of white space on your card adds contrast and draws the eye towards the colored elements. The white tips on the black stamens make you zero in on the centers of these flowers.

Need more white space? Consider using a slimline card design to automatically generate more real estate on your card. Use just a few elements in the upper or lower third of the card leaving tons of white space.

More Eye-Catching Options

All the details to watercolor these gorgeous Christmas Roses are in the video. But, you don’t have to watercolor. If that’s not your jam, choose your favorite coloring medium. Why not try a colored cardstock background with complimentary colored die-cut elements?

And for that matter, you don’t need to use florals. Try this same technique with critters, characters, or even alphabet stamps and dies.

Well that’s all for today. I hope these quick and easy tips inspire you to make your next show stopper cards! Happy crafting. If you loved this post, show your appreciation by sharing it with friends and give me a thumbs up over on YouTube.

Thanks for joining me this month and huge thanks to Alexandra & Niki at Maker Forte for inviting me to guest design.


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