Hello, it’s Kari here today. Have you tried the Marshmallow Paste yet? It’s so fun to add to your projects! Today I am going to show you 3 ways to use Marshmallow paste. I have SIX cards to share, so you can see how Marshmallow paste works on a number of completed cards.

To best see the results and the card making in action, watch the video below or in HD on YouTube:

I seriously had so much fun making all these cards that I couldn’t STOP making cards. LOL. That’s why I have six cards to share (and a lot more ideas for this paste)!

First Way: Use with Stencils

The first way to use the Marshmallow Paste, is to apply it through a stencil. This is a fun, easy way to get different looks on your cards. Then, heat it up with a heat tool and watch it expand!!

3 Ways to Use Marshmallow Paste with Kari
Look at how that Marshmallow Paste Expands!

This Marshmallow paste is so 3D, it expands to a white, fluffy design and is so beautiful! I think this would create such fun effects on clouds, sheep, fuzzy socks/slippers, or even Frosty the Snowman!

Here are some more cards I created using the paste with stencils:

3 Ways to Use Marshmallow Paste with Kari

Don’t the last two remind you of big, cozy sweaters?! I just love the look. For all the sentiments on these cards I used my FAVORITE holiday sentiment set from Maker Forte! This (in my opinion) is a must have for the holiday season.

Second Technique: “Frost” it on

The second way I’m sharing, is to “Frost” it on using a palette knife or small paintbrush. This is especially cute on these Christmas cookies (this cookie stamp set is designed by Alex Syberia and it’s oh-so-cute!)

3 Ways to Use Marshmallow Paste with Kari

For these cute cookies, I simply used a pointed palette knife to “frost” on a little bit of that paste. Then I heat set it until it puffed right up. It does give a fluffy frosting look, doesn’t it?!

Third Technique: Use the “Extra” in a Shaker Card

For this shaker card, I used the extra fuzzy snow to make a shaker. If you watch the video above, you will see that you can create this extra snow when you heat up the marshmallow paste a little bit longer. Save that excess snow to make a shaker card!

How cute is that snow? I think next time I would add some extra shaker pieces and glitter in there to make it shake even better!

I’ve linked all the supplies and products for you below, so you can easily find them if you are interested.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 ways to use Marshmallow paste and the projects today! Let me know your favorite card in the comments below.

I’ll be back soon with more card shares!

Kari VanNoy
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