Hello! It’s Kari here today sharing some cards made with the Awesome new Geode Builder Stencil. When I first saw the Heart Geode stencil, I was in love! And then they came out with the A2 Geoder Builder stencil…and I knew I had to have a crafty marathon session! That is why I have SEVEN ways to add bling to your Geode cards.

Sometimes I just completely fall in love with these products, and this was definitely one of them. To see all the details, you may watch the video below or in HD on YouTube:

I sure had fun making all these cards. To see all the details, be sure to watch the video, but I have a short list here for you as well.

Seven Ways to Add Bling to Your Geode Cards:

  1. Glitter – add some dots of liquid adhesive (small glue pen works great for this) and sprinkle on some glitter. I loved using clear, silver, and purple glitter.
  2. Glitter Paper and Gems – I loved the look of glitter paper matte around the card. Coronation Purple gems were perfect for adding bling to the purple geode card!

3 & 4. Foil and Gilding Flakes – Use a DecoFoil pen for adding foil, and a glue pen to add gilding flakes. These both turn out so pretty! I added the sticky pen to the fissure of the geode and allowed it to dry (it dries tacky). Then I burnished on foil or gilding flakes. For me, I liked the foil results better when I used my Minc machine to set it.

5. Embossing Powder – use a Versamarker to draw onto your Geode, then sprinkle on embossing powder and heat set it. Make sure your Ink is fully dry first so the embossing powder doesn’t stick to the entire thing!

6. Mica Flakes – These make for a fun center shine to the geode. I used liquid adhesive in the center then poured on the mica flakes.

Embossing powder with mica flakes

7. Shattered Glass flakes – I got some of these from Michael’s a long time ago and I love how they shine on the center of this geode.

These cards are truly a joy to make. I hope you got some inspiration today! I’ll be back soon with more cardmaking ideas. (Supplies linked below for you, if you are interested!)

Kari V.