Hi everyone Gemma (Inkygems) here with a trio of butterfly cards, using the circle spotlight stencil and the build a butterfly stamp set. Each of these cards is quick and simple to make. The only other supplies needed are two coloured inks, black ink, and a black pen. The inks I used were eclipse black, purple rain, and rah rah skirt.

The first card was made by cutting the card topper to size, laying the spotlight stencil over the top, and holding it in place with the magnets on a stamping platform. After applying ink to form the circle I stamped butterflies over the top. I then removed the circle stencil and added my sentiment before attaching the topper to my card blank.

For this card, I placed the circle from the center of the spotlight stencil onto my topper. Then stamped around the edges of the card with one of the butterfly stamps using the Purple Rain ink. I stamped the center of the butterflies over the top and then removed the circle. Then I added a sentiment to the middle of the topper, and doodled around the edges with a black pen.

I used a larger square of card for this topper and moved the spotlight circle around the topper applying ink each time to cover the card in circles. I made sure to allow the stencil to overhang the edges of the card. Then I repeatedly stamped over the top with one of the butterfly stamps. Turning the stamp in different directions and again stamping over the edge of the card. Once done I stamped over the top with the detailed butterfly stamp, lining the image up with the butterfly underneath. Then I added a sentiment to finish it off.

Thank you for reading.