Hi there,

It’s Kaja from Kajcyika crafts and today I will show you how you can easily add shine to a card using the Maker Forte kaleidoscope powder!

Take a look at the card:

Add Shine Using Kaleidoscope Powder with Kaja

At first the card looks like a normal stamped out card, but under light it reveals a gorgeous shine!

Watch a video bellow to learn how I made this card:

I started making this card by stamping the amazing winter scene from Easy watercolor winter scenes. I used two shades of purple and a gray ink to achive a simple ombre effect.

Once the initial stemping was done, I used clear ink and stamped the image again. Then, I used Neptune kaleidoscope powder and Dual tip powder brush to add shine to the stamped image.

Next, I added stripes to the background using Candy cane stripe stencil and gray ink. Once the stenceling was done, I used the clear ink once again and added the same Neptune kaleidoscope powder to the background as well.

Add Shine Using Kaleidoscope Powder with Kaja

The last thing that I added was the sentiment that reads ‘Warm, cozy winter wishes’ and can be found in Sleigh bouquet stamp set. I used purple ink that matches the stamped scene perfectly.

I glued everything together using doublesided foam tape and some liquid glue and the card was all finished!

This is a second project that I did using this technique:

I had the same idea behind the card, the only difference is that I used soft blue shades of ink for this card.

Let me know in the comments which technique is your favorite for adding shine to cards! I must say this may be my new favorite!

Hope to see you guys soon!


* Maker Forte stamps – SLEIGH BOUQUET
* Maker Forte stencils – CANDY CANE STRIPE
* Maker Forte kaleidoscope powders – NEPTUNE
* Maker Forte tools – Dual tip powder brush
* Maker Forte inks – CLEAR