I just discovered that you can foil Maker Forte’s Rosey Days Patterned Paper to spice up your card making! I did some experiments with some of the paper from the stack and created some beautiful dynamic backgrounds.

Below I’ll show you what paper works best with this technique and then show you some card examples that I made.

Create Foiled Backgrounds with Rosey Days Patterned Paper

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Video Tutorial

How to Foil Pattern Paper

Foiling pattern paper is pretty simple. You need a hot laminator. I use this one from Amazon. Then, you need a transfer sheet to carry your pattern paper and foil sheet through the laminator. I couldn’t find mine, so I just used an oversize piece of graph paper, but it’s not the best thing to use. I recommend using a transfer sheet like this one from Heidi Swapp.

I recently watched a video from Alexandra Smith from The Hedgehog Hollow, where she discovered that her Rosey Days Patterned Paper is printed in a way that allows the foil to adhere to the toner. So I set out to see how well this worked.

For my experiment, I wanted to see how well lighter toner vs. darker toner would come out. I chose two patterned paper sheets from the Rosey Days Patterned Paper stack from Maker Forte that had similar designs.

The first one I decided to foil was this pattern with the dark toner. I placed the paper on the grid paper and put the foil paper on top of the pattern paper. Then folded the grid paper over.

Next, I fed the grid paper through the laminator. Make sure the laminator is nice and hot and feed the folded side in first. Otherwise, you will get a paper jam that is no fun!

Let the paper cool down a bit once it comes out of the laminator and carefully peel back the foil to see the design left behind.

I decided to create a background with the negative of the remaining foil. To do this, I scraped a thin layer of Deco Foil Transfer Gel Duo on a piece of heavyweight cardstock. I used a scraper tool to get the coverage even, then let it dry for a few hours.

Next, I ran the dry gel-covered card front with the negative (previously used through the laminator).

The design came out pretty neat, but I wanted to see if I could fill in the white spaces with another foil color, so I used gold. It came out ok, but I think the lines were just too thin for the pattern to come out really well. But it was still kind of cool, so I can definitely make a card out of this background!

Next, I decided to experiment with some of the other sheets of pattern paper, like this fuchsia background with a white drawing of a flower.

And it came out beautiful!

My last experiment was to go back to that lighter color toner card with the same design I used before. The toner did not pick up as much foil, so I have concluded that the toner needs to be dark for the foil to really create some coverage.

Finished Project

Create Foiled Backgrounds with Rosey Days Patterned Paper
Create Foiled Backgrounds with Rosey Days Patterned Paper


Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Card #4

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