Hello! It’s Jill from Jill Cameron Creations. Today we are Copic coloring a one layer card and learn a grounding technique that you can use with any image.

What is grounding? Grounding is giving the image a little bit of a background so it doesn’t look like it’s floating in mid-air. This one is super simple and works with any image.

Copic one layer card with grounding technique

Copic Coloring One Layer Card

I love to Copic coloring one layer cards They are simple and rather relaxing. Start by stamping the image using a Copic friendly ink.

There are two different kinds of leaves in the image. So that each kind of leaf is distinct I used two different groupings of green. I did use the same blue-green color in both groups of green except in different amounts.

Copic one layer card with grounding technique

Next, I colored the yellow flower. I kept this very simple buy adding the darkest color in the areas that would be the darkest. I didn’t pick a directional light source.

I colored the blue flower exactly the same way.

Copic one layer card with grounding technique

Now, the magic happens. Let’s ground this image using some gray color.

Outline the entire image with a dark gray. Include the black dotted branches. I used a C3 for this. You can choose to go darker if you want. Next, go to the next lightest shade and repeat the process but go out just a little further. Repeat with a lighter gray.

You can use any color you want to create a grounding color. Just make sure you have a really super light color that will blend out into almost nothing.

Copic one layer card with grounding technique

I stamped the sentiment in Maker Forte Embossing Ink and used silver embossing powder to give this card a beautiful shine.

To finish the card I used silver Nuvo drops. I didn’t add any glittery or other shine so that the Copic colored image was the star of the show.

I hope you enjoyed this simple card and give grounding a try on your next one layer card.