Good morning crafty friend! It’s Jill from Jill Cameron Creations. I’m sharing with you some Copic coloring of the Sketched Peony stamp set. These floral images just had to be red, so we’re coloring in deep red today.

All of the products I used to create this card are linked at the bottom of this post.

Coloring in red can be tricky simply because red can bleed everywhere and it’s not very easy to clean up when it does. So I have a few tips for you.

I’m using RV99, R39, R29, R24, and R21.

First, we are using the RV99 in the darkest areas of the flower. Hold your marker straight up and down. This limits the area of the nib that’s on the cardstock. You just want the very tip to touch the cardstock. It does take some practice and a light hand. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with this.

Don’t go back over the areas you colored. I know this seems counter to what we’ve done in the past, but we want to limit the amount of ink we put on the paper. It will keep the color from running away from you.

With your next darkest color, R39, and color right up next to the line you just colored. Again, don’t go back over the area or color into the darkest color too much.

At this point, we’re just coloring lines of color, but now we’re going to flick our next color, R29, into the center of the petal from the base. Don’t go but about a quarter of the way into the petal.

Next, flick in R24 and leave a small white area in the petal. Fill in the white area with R21.

My last tip for coloring these flowers with red is to allow slight drying time between layers and petals. I colored one petal at a time and took my time. Now, alcohol markers dry super fast so I’m talking about a few seconds. Just remember the wetter the paper the more likely the color is to run and bloom outside of the lines of your image.

I hope you enjoyed this card and tips for coloring with red. Head over to the shop and grab your Sketched Peony stamp set. Don’t forget to watch the video. I have some additional coloring tips.