Hi everyone,

Are you like me, in need of a birthday card at the 11th hour, only to find the selection of cards on hand is not great? Or is that just me? Oh well, in any case today I’m going to share 3 easy one layer birthday cards that you can keep on hand for last minute birthdays! The best thing? These are gender neutral cards, so they’ll work for men, women, and kids! I’ve got you covered!

All that’s required to create these easy one layered birthday cards is your favorite stencil, kaleidoscope powders, inks and paper!

I chose the Flower Trio slimline stencil designed by Alex Syberia, Pinkfresh Studio inks in yellows, corals, and turquoise, Maker Forte Perfect Blend cardstock, and a Happy Birthday sentiment from the Easy Watercolor stamp set. Oh, and Kaleidoscope powders in Alien, Shooting Star, and yellow. I decided to make a few cards, because one can never have enough birthday cards on hand (especially when I keep forgetting until the 11th hour).

First step was to arrange my stencil where I wanted it on the Perfect Blend cardstock. I masked off the rest of the area in purple tape so that I wouldn’t get ink where I didn’t want it.

TIP: Choose a stencil that can be moved around in various angles so that, if you make several cards, each one looks just a bit different!

Once the inking was finished, I added kaleidoscope powder directly through the stencil while the ink was still wet.

NOTE: Perfect Blend cardstock allows the ink to stay wet longer so you have time to add the powders before the ink dries. However, you could always add the sticky embossing pad to help the kaleidoscope powders to stay in place if you’re using regular cardstock.

Can you see that gorgeous shine that kaleidoscope powders add in the photo above and below?

After I added the powder, I carefully removed the stencil and sprayed each piece with Krylon spray so that the kaleidoscope powders wouldn’t smudge of smear (make sure to use Krylon spray in a well ventilated area!).

The final step was to add the Happy Birthday sentiment. I stamped it along the edge of the stencil, which turned out pretty cool! Because the Perfect Blend paper allows the ink to stay wet a tad bit longer, I was able to heat emboss the sentiment with a clear powder, which gave it more shine. I love how each card looks unique simply by moving the angle of the stencil!

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