Hello! It’s Kari here with a foiling project for you. I love a touch of foil on holiday cards, so today I have a Foiled Pinecone to share.

I have missing our Foiling Friday this month; however, I have been so sick and it has been nice for a little break. Consider this a “mini” foiling Friday. 🙂

I started with two Maker Forte beautiful stencils: Pinecone and Pine Branches. I inked them onto the cardstock panel first using Flat White Color Hive ink for the branch and pinecone. Then Everglades and British Racing Green Color Hive ink colors for the leaves.

Once that was done, I added the pinecone stencil back on top of the inked pinecone. I masked off the branch and spread some DecoFoil Transfer Gel over the pinecone. Then I set the whole thing aside to dry.

After the panel was fully dry, I cut some Amber Watercolor Deco Foil to fit over the pinecone. I ran it through my foil machine and got a beautiful variation of color on that pinecone!

A simple sayings sentiment (foiled in green) is the perfect ending. I used a foiled striped paper as the shadow for the sentiment as well. You can never have too much foil, right?!

Of course, whenever there is a little imperfection, a CROWN JEWEL is a nice solution for covering them! I added an odd number of gems because that seems to be more pleasing to the eye. The mat cardstock is the beautiful deep, rich Redwoods. I love the brown undertones in this cardstock and it complements the brown of the pinecone.

I hope you loved this project like I did! I’ve gathered all the supplies I used and listed them here for you, using some affiliate links. If you purchase using my links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Big Hugs to you if you use these links!

Merry Christmas! See you next year!