Good morning, Sharon here from Hummingbird PaperCrafts, do you like to make your stash go further? I am going to show you how you can use your dies as stencils and foil them in the process.

I have used the gorgeous Flower Trio Die cut in heavy weight white card to cut my ‘stencil’ and then used Deco Foil Transfer Gel through this.

I have a video sharing all the details and process in making this card, watch it below on You Tube:

If you don’t want to watch the video here is the process:

  • die cut the Flower Trio Die with thick white card stock.
  • Place this on top of a black piece of cardstock and fix in place with tape.
  • Using a pallet knife spread the Deco Foil Transfer Gel thickly over the cut areas, making sure to get it into the small areas.
  • Peel off the die cut and leave black cardstock to dry.
  • Once dry cover with Rainbow Foil, place both inside a folded piece of Parchment Paper and run through laminator.
  • Check that the foil has covered all the image if not feed through laminator again.
  • gently peel off excess foil – don’t discard this it can be used with Simple Sayings Blank Canvas to make a negative image.

If you want to continue and make a card like mine here are the next steps:

  • Cut the die again with Coronation Card Stock.
  • Using a craft knife remove the center of the die cut, cut away the flowers, making sure you have neat edges.
  • Place foam tape on the back of the remaining frame.
  • Starting with the short edges adhere the frame with the foam tape around the foiled floral image.
  • Trim off excess black cardstock and glue the framed image on to a slimline card base.
  • Using Simple Sayings – Sassy Celebrations cut the black outline version of Let’s Celebrate off one of the sheets.
  • Cover with the same rainbow foil, place in folded parchment and run through Laminator – As I had used a purple Frame I lined the sentiment up with the pink/purple section of the foil.
  • Adhere this to your card with Foam squares.

I loved making this card – it’s always magical when you lift foil to see the design underneath.

Thank you for taking time to read my post and I hope you enjoyed the video.