Hello crafty friends….Michelle here and today I am sharing a technique using those gorgeous Kaleidoscope powders. I bet you never thought of embossing with them? Well I did a bit of playing around this week and discovered that yes, you sure can do it! Keep reading to find out how!

So the other day I decided to experiment a bit with the gorgeous kaleidoscope powders from Maker Forte and wanted to see if you could actually heat emboss with them. Well after lots of trial and error and playing around, I am happy to say that it certainly can be done! I have included a video showing how to do and how this card came together, however I realized now that I may not have explained the process of the heat embossing too well in the video, so please be sure to continue reading to find out more and be sure to check out my video as well to see how it all came together. All the supplies used to make this card and used in the video are listed below.

So for this technique, you want to make sure that you use clear embossing powder, as you want the colour of the kaleidoscope powder to shine through. While experimenting I discovered that you need alot more of the embossing powder than the kaleidoscope powder. I found I needed a 6 to 1 ratio of embossing powder to kaleidoscope powder. Any less of the clear embossing and for some reason the embossing won’t come through enough and it’ll just be like a regular kaleidoscope powder and it will wipe away while brushing away excess powder from your piece.

I stamped out my image as you normally would and sprinkled the powder mixture on, until I felt like it was covered enough. Be sure to allow your heat gun to heat up for a good 20-25 secs before you go to your paper to melt it, to try and minimize the paper warping as much as possible.

You want to treat the embossing powder mixture as if it is glitter embossing powder and heat from below the paper to begin and then finish on top of the paper. This way the kaleidoscope powder won’t blow around as you heat it. You will be able to see the change in the powders as they melt, but it just won’t be as shiny once it is melted as regular heat embossing. So just keep an eye on it, so you do not burn the powder. For this technique you won’t need to set the kaleidoscope powder with hairspray as you normally would, as once it is melted and heat set, you are good to go!

And that’s it for this technique. I hope this inspires you a bit to give this a try. Remember if you do, it is all about trial and error and finding the right mixture that works for you. And if you do have any powder left over, you can save it for another time. You could even try and mix powders together to get custom colours! Oh and that beautiful sheen that some of the kaleidoscope powders have…don’t worry, it is still there and just as beautiful!

Thank you so very much for stopping by! I hope this inspires you to get out your powders and just have fun trying out new ways to use them. I hope you all have a wonderful and crafty day!

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