How about a card for that someone special in your life? This card will work no matter what age that person is. Love these guys from the Maker Forte stamp set called “Take Care, Teddy Bear”. Decided to make a clean and simple A-2 card. As always the choosing of the colors takes me longer then any other part-of card making.

I decided on teal and honey as my colors. I cut a teal base and a matching strip for the sentiment. Next I stamped the wood floor onto the white layer two to have an anchor for the bears. I soon realized the jar and stamping were black and I needed to cut a layer one in black to place between the white and teal. This layer is not in this picture but is in the final photo.

Next I stamped the three bears and using Copic markers I colored them in. I like spreading color throughout the design so the honey jar became teal and black. The final coloring was done in shades of brown on the bears and amber for the honey.

The last step is assembling the pieces into the finished card. I used foam tape to bring the honey jar bear forward while making the other bears recede into the background. Doing this does change the look of the card. To add more honey color I used amber colored enamel dots. I attached the sentiment using the foam tape to make it pop forward also.

I would like to suggest playing with dimensional pieces to change the look of the card when it looks too flat or simple. Enamel dots works when you just need a bit of dimension. Experiment to see what pleases your eye. Have fun creating with these cute Maker Forte stamps!