Hello and Welcome!

Today I tested a new product called marshmallow paste from maker forte. I have used it both through a stencil but also tried to stamp with it.

I think this product will last you a long time, You do not need much to get a cool resolt. The texture of this product feels like whipped cream, And when it’s heatset it feels soft. 

I started by using a stencil called Christmas Stars then I tried to color the marshmallow paste to experiment and see what happened. If I had not added heat, it would have worked much like a texture paste. But when I added heat, the paste puffed up and became like white snow on top of the colorful stars. It was not the look I was looking for so I pulled off the fluff and that left the colorful stars underneath. I can’t in a good way describe how the texture of the stars feelt, But in my video you can see a close up of how it looked. 

In my next attempt I created a background using a stencil called Tree Line Base and then I tried to use the paste through Sleigh Silhouette Slimlinethe stencil. I added heat and the text fluffed up. I love the results.

In my third project I wanted to try stamping with marshmallow paste. I used a makeup applicator and dabbed the marshmallow paste on the stamps. I created a background patterned on top of a pink background. I used a stamp called Ornamental Watercolors. At first I did not think it would be a good result as I barely saw what I had stamped. But when I added the heat, the stamps came out. MAGICALLY!

I decided I had to test it again but this time with a much more detailed stamp – Sleigh Bouquet. I chose to use a MISTI so I could double stamp. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the result was. I completed all the cards with stamped and embossed sentences from –Bold Holiday Sentiment.

If you liked these cards and want to see how cool it is when the marshmallow paste starts to fluff up, I have a video. I hope you enjoyed the video and the projects. I know I will do this technique again soon. For this was slightly addictive… 😉

Have a nice weekend!

// Emelie