Hi there,

It’s Kaja from Kajcyika crafts and today I made a simple card that features a messy watercoloring technique!

Take a look:

I started making this card by stamping out the gogeous floral wreath from the Thankful everything stamp set. I used waterfriendly ink and watercolor paper which both ensure a good result when working with watercolors!

Then, I took my Zig watercolor markers and made some horizontal stripes in purple. I made sure that the color isn’t the same all over the image which means that some of the areas are darker than the others and this gives a nice deep look. I acheived this by watering down the color from the marker.

Next, I added some green color and I applied it in horizontal motion as well. This gives the image a nice finished look and the blooms actualy come to life, since our eyes see the green as the color of leaves.

Then, I took a ruler and a black pen and draw in three lines on the top and right edge of a square card base. This will give a card a nice and more clean look.

The last thing I added was a sentiment that reads ‘Thank you’ and can be found in You matter to me stamp set. I used black ink on a white card stock to make sure that the sentiment can be read easily.

I then glued everything together using double sided tape and foam tape. Doing so, I centered the wreath towards the top right corner and the sentiment at the center of the card.

Let me know in the comments if you ever tried messy watercoloring technique and if you liked it!

Thank you so much for joining me!