Hi everyone! Do you love to make sparkly and shiny Christmas cards? Are glimmery, shimmery cards beautiful to you? If you answered yes, then this post is for you! Today I will show you how to add shine using Maker Forte’s Kaleidoscope Powders!

Shiny Christmas Cards using Kaleidoscope Powders

Kaleidoscope Powders can be used in many ways. You can water them down and add over a colored image like I did with this card! I stamped flowers in a circle on White Cardstock trimmed to 4×4 size. The stamp is from the Christmas Rose set designed by Alex Syberia for Maker Forte. This is a great set for you colorists out there!!!

Shiny Christmas Cards using Kaleidoscope Powders

When my coloring was finished, I mixed Alien Kaleidoscope Powder with water and gently brushed it over the flowers and leaves. Can you see that shine in the close-up photo above? These powders are loaded with it!

Another way to use Kaleidoscope Powders is to watercolor with them!

Shiny Christmas Cards using Kaleidoscope Powders

I used the same stamp set here, only I created a bouquet of flowers by masking and stamping several times on watercolor paper. I heat embossed it with Gold Pearl by WOW Embossing Powder. I grabbed my Kaleidoscope Powders in Alien, Rahrah Skirt, and Aurora, along with my Karin Markers, in similar shades. Then I mixed the two products together and watercolored the flowers and leaves.

TIP: The shine can seep into cold-pressed watercolor paper, which I learned the hard way. So my suggestion is to use a smooth watercolor surface, such as Bristol Smooth, to prevent that from happening.

I finished the second of my shiny Christmas cards by watercoloring around the flowers in an aqua blue color. I love the colors on this card!

One last idea for Kaleidoscope Powders is to stamp a pattern with an embossing pad and then spread the powder directly over it. You can use stamps or stencils for this technique!

For this card, I placed the Christmas Stars stencil over pre-cut Maker Forte 110 lb cardstock. I stamped with the Color Hive Embossing Glue Ink Pad and then removed the stencil. Next, I used a small paintbrush to add Blackhole Kaleidoscope Powder over the stars. I removed the excess powder using my Powder Polish & Clean-Up Brush.

This brush is THE best in removing powder only where you want it removed! I had tried to use a dry cloth, but it removed ALL the powder. This brush removed only the excess powder! You’ll need this in your supply stash – plus, it’s pretty!

When the background was finished, I stamped a flower and leaves on Eclipse Black cardstock using the Color Hive Embossing Glue Ink. I added Snow Flurries Kaleidoscope Powder over it, removing the excess with my brush. Although I removed most of the powder, you can still see a little shimmer all over, which I love!

TIP: To keep the powders permanently in place, gently spray them in a well-ventilated area with a fixative spray.

I placed the flowers over the background to finish my card and added my sentiment and silver thread for even more shine!

Here is a video tutorial below for these shiny Christmas cards that should be helpful if you are new to these powders!

I’m sure by now, you’re ready to grab ’em all (don’t forget the brush and cardstock!). To shop for the products featured here, click on the Product Title. To find more Maker Forte inspiration, head over to my Instagram Page by clicking Here. Happy shopping!