Hi there,

It’s Kaja from Kajcyika crafts and today I will show you a simple stenciled card using a stencil that you can make in no time!

Take a look:

I started making this card by creating the background and in this particular case, I went with two color ink blending over the Iris slimline stencil. Please remember, that even if the stencil itself is made to be used on the slimline cards, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it on a regular card base! And this is exactly what I did here.

I positioned the stencil on the left handside of the card base and then used light pink and purple inks for the ink blending. In this example, I didn’t go in any particular order when blending, the only thing I was careful about was the fact that the colors were more or less equaly distributed.

Next, I removed the stencil and added some white gel pen details on the blooms. I made sure that the details nicely connect the blooms to the rest of the card and make them stand out just a bit more.

The only thing I wanted to add to this bold background was the sentiment and I decided to go with the simple ‘Happy birthday’ that van be found in Thankful everything stamp set.

I used the ink that matches the pink ink that I used in the background on a piece of white card stock. Then, I positioned the sentiment towards the right bottom part and glued it to the card base using liquid glue.

This finished off this simple stenciled card! I hope that you will try something similar and share the result with me!

Thank you so much for joining me!


* Maker Forte stamps – Alex Sybiria – Thankful everything
* Maker Forte stencils – The Hedgehog Hollow – Iris