Hi friends! Kim here from Stamping Imperfection and I have 4 cards to share using 2 stenciling techniques to create cards with sparkle and shine!

Did you know that you can use the Sugar Sparkle Glitters and the Ranger Transparent Gloss Texture Paste to create your own DIY Glitter Paste in your own special colors?

The Geometric Rain Cloud Stencil has a really fun pattern with the fabulous geometric cloud on top and the rain drops below. I mixed a couple of scoops of the Moon Dust Sugar Sparkle Glitter with the Ranger Transparent Gloss Texture Paste and spread it across the stencil. After lifting the stencil and cleaning it off, I left the stenciled paste panel to dry for about an hour.

Once the panel was dry, I ink blended on some It’s A Boy light blue ink from Catherine Pooler creating an Ombre effect. I finished off the card with a sentiment from the All Season’s Sentiment Paper Pack designed by Jess Francisco and some Vegas Strip Crown Jewel Gems.

Technique 2:

The second technique I did was a foiling technique that uses the Deco Foil Transfer Gel Duo with 3 different stencils and added foil and a sentiment to create 3 very shiny cards.

The first card uses the Jess Francisco In Bloom Stencil to apply the transfer gel duo. Again, I let this dry for about an hour until the gel appeared clear and glossy. I added a piece of foil from my stash with the foil side up and the back side facing the dry gel on the card panel. The panel with the foil on top was then sent through my die cutting machine to adhere the foil to the dry gel. I removed the foil sheet to reveal the final result. It’s so pretty!

I simply trimmed the panel down, added it to a card base, and added one of the sentiments from the All Seasons Sentiment paper pack. The foiled result over these stencils is so pretty, all it needed was a sentiment to complete the card!

The third card uses the Sea Shell stencil which is from The Hedgehog Hollow line. Isn’t this gorgeous? It was really hard to trim down the sides just because I felt like I was trimming off such pretty bits!

My final card uses the Slimline Seashore Stencil from The Hedgehog Hollow line. I LOVED this one. It has such a pretty design and the variations of color in the foil made is so interesting!

I do have a few tips:

  1. Run the card panel and foil through your machine only once. You can get crinkles if you run it through twice.
  2. Old plates with die cut marks can show up on your foiled piece, so make sure that gel is very dry. Next time I might top it with copy paper to see if that helps to prevent the marks in the plates from showing in the foil.
  3. The instructions say to foil over the dry gel within 12 hours of creating your panel.
  4. Be careful when you apply the foiled panel to the card base. I ran my hand over the panel to make sure it was adhered and my ring left a mark across the panel. It actually scratched the foil…hence the placement of a long sentiment!
  5. Save the foiled leftover piece that you remove and add it to a card front to create a second card with the negative piece.
  6. You can also use a laminator instead of the die cutting machine to foil over the transfer gel duo. I felt like I got cleaner results using the heat, but the die cutter works fine if you don’t have a laminator.

Video Tutorial:

Supply List:

Please leave a comment to let me know which card is your favorite and please leave any tips you have to add for these techniques. We would love to know what works for you!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a creative day!