Hey crafty friends! Michele here today sharing a super fun technique using stencils, re-inkers and shaving foam. That’s right…shaving foam! Go and raid your bathroom and steal that can from your husband and let’s have fun! This is such a fun technique and yes, a little bit messy…but it’s not fun if you don’t get a bit messy! Just an fyi…the lighting was horrible when I took this, please don’t hold that against me lol

Now I know what you may be thinking…shaving foam to make a card?!?! But trust me, this works amazing and it can get quite addictive! Oh and as a bonus…if the foam is scented, your card will smell nice too lol. With this technique you can use any type of liquid ink….I’ve normally used alcohol inks in the past for this. But as long as it is a liquid and can be used with the shaving foam, you are good to go! So grab that can from your bathroom or make a trip to the drugstore, because you will want to try this!

For this technique you will want to make sure it is a shaving foam or mousse, as it just won’t work with a gel. And you can use any combination of ink colours. But I do recommend using ones that contrast nicely but also that won’t turn to mud when mixed. So if you aren’t quite sure, always turn to your colour wheel to make sure they will compliment one another.

Some tips in case you want to try this: Be sure to use stencils that aren’t too finely detailed. You want to make that the stencils have more space and bulk if you want to call it that, between the design. That way you reduce the risk of bleeding under the stencil….believe me I’ve tried many lol. Don’t go over the same spot too much when applying your shaving foam and ink. That will help to reduce any bleeding under the stencil and also the colours won’t blend too much. I really like to see the streaky lines and keep the colours as separate as I can. Use a temporary spray adhesive on the stencils so that stick really well to your paper. And have fun with this! It is all about trial and error. Make a mess, try all the stencils and all the colours!

I have included a video, which you can watch here or head on over to YouTube to view it in HD. Thank you so very much for stopping by and I really hope you get a bit messy and give this a try. For the full list of supplies you can find it on over to my blog post.

I hope you all have the most wonderful and crafty day and until next time!

Supplies Used: