Good morning, Sharon here, it’s the start of a new school year and I love showing my daughter’s teachers appreciation all through the year . My card today is using 2 stamp sets. The first being Teach From The Heart.

I filmed a short video of how I designed the card you can watch here or follow the instructions below

I started with the LOVE image. My vision for using different colors works so well. Starting with the ‘apple’. I masked the rest of the stamp with tape and just inked the apple using British Racing Green Ink.

You do have to clean the stamp in between colors. Masking the apple and crayon ‘V’ and using Eclipse Black Ink I stamped the ‘L’ and the ‘E’.

This is then repeated and I colored with the crayons in different colors. Vegas Strip Ink and Red Leicester Ink make for bright crayons!

I did unfortunately get green ink smudges on my card but using a sand eraser can reduce these.

The second stamp set I use is Thanks For Helping Me Grow. This is a great sentiment set and has simple ‘Thank You’ as well as wording for teacher appreciation. The one I needed was too long for my card so snipping it into 2 works! This does not damage the stamp as the pieces will just fit together again on a stamping block.

Now it is shorter my sentiment fits centered on my card. Eclipse Black Ink was used so coordinates with letter in the image above it.

To finish my card I used a Top Folding A2 Card Base and some green cardstock as a mat. My card is totally flat so great to go in the mail!

Thank you for taking time to read my post and I hope it inspires you to make teacher cards!